Is Prize Rebel Safe?

everyone keeps telling me to join prize rebel at my school. i joined, but all the things that earn u points look like crap ads that will give u viruses. if anyone has used prize rebel, and had sucess with it plz tell me cuz i am a little cautious about clicking those ads. if anyone viewing this page has had a good time with prize rebel plz plz plz tell me! thanx1


*i know this post isnt video related, but i want a prize for the cp film festival to be a membership card*


6 Responses to Is Prize Rebel Safe?

  1. Greeno says:

    Gyless: I take the evilness into account, but watex’s site got banned cuz he advertised prize rebel on his site, which wordpress doesnt allow.

  2. fanocp says:

    hi if u get my eBook How To Get famous then i can advertise ur website.
    Gyless: 😦 i wish i could get it, but my mom and dad said i cant…:(

  3. Cca☺ says:

    No watex violated Prizes Rebels Tems cuz U haved to be 13 with parents aproval
    Gyless: Again! i emailed watex about it, he said it was because he advertised prize rebel on his old site, and wordpress cant profit from it, so he got his website banned. it kinda sucks, but thats what happened.

  4. Gyless says:

    from what it souds like, prize rebel’s bad…but i want some more viewpoints on it. thanx ppl for commenting!

  5. gyless (not logged in) says:

    im trying out
    its okay, but i still havent gotten my credits yet.. 😦

  6. Gyless says:

    i got my credits!!!! woot woot woot…………………………………
    i have 1.5, but im not sure hw to get the code.. hmm..

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